• Monique Thompson

Social Media Projects: Women in Laundry

Women in Laundry's objective is to spread awareness in a male-centered industry that women are not only here, but they're doing a damn good job.

After working in the laundry industry for two years, meeting distributors and store owners, I noticed a severe lack of female leadership. This company has 4 women who are Directors or VPs, a solid half, Electrolux is a global company with numerous women in powerful positions, but our distribution and store owners? Felt lacking. 

With the boost around being inclusive, the potential of a woman in the White House, and more and more women at the forefront of leadership in corporate America - still working on these - I wanted to be a part of the conversation in some way. So I took stock of the women I knew, asked around to find more, and started the Women in Laundry series on the Laundrylux blog and social media sites. 

The long-term goal is for us to get calls in from people wanting to open a laundromat - unfortunately it's not as easy as buying any product, so that goal is difficult to measure, as it is long term. So the measurement we chose to use is based on clicks and engagement online. The campaign did bring in interested parties, had a high engagement rate, but to say it brought in store owners, is hard to say.

Online, the campaign garnered the following - so far:

  • 11.6% Engagement Rate

  • 1.1k Engagements

  • 3% Web Traffic

The engagement and the excitement of the women involved in this project has made this my most proud project.

Articles I edited can be found here. And you can check out the feed on Instagram at #WomeninLaundry.

Below are examples of posts I created with Canva and posted on social media sites.

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