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2020 Reso- No, 2020 Goals

2020 is here, the new decade (or not), a fresh start. Like every new year, resolutions are everywhere – articles about which ones to make and how to stick with them, up and down the TL.

I am here to say, on the internet permanently, I hate resolutions. I think of resolutions the way my dad thinks about Valentine’s Day. If you were going to make a change, why do you need a new year to make it? In his case it’s more like, “Why dedicate a day to flowers and chocolate when you can do that literally any and every day of the year?” Paraphrasing, but I agree with the man.

Granted, the new year inspires people, I get it – I feel it too sometimes. Though instead of resolutions in January, I set to make goals every month. Some are small, attainable, and somewhat vague, that I need accountability for (flossing more regularly), others are for personal development (write at least once a week), and then there are ones that are imperative (I am a Scorpio, that one will remain *mysterious*).

But aren’t those just, resolutions?

Yes, pretty much. A resolution to me is more like, “hey, no one expects you to keep this, so you don’t have to.” While a goal feels more like, “you said you would get to a 100-day streak on Duolingo. You posted about it on IG… you put #2020Goals. OPEN THE APP, YOU FOOL.”

For me, the idea of a goal feels more accountable than the idea of a resolution.

If you too can’t stand resolutions but still want to make positive changes in your life, join me and the 500k+ people on Instagram setting #2020Goals.

Here are my goals for January 2020:

Set small, doable goals. That’s right, one of my goals … is to set goals. My goal is to be more accountable (hence not saying resolution). I think I can check this one off.

Create a schedule. Again, accountability. Wake up on time, take medication when the alarm says to, create tasks, check them off, be productive. This is simple (right…?)

Reach 30-Day Streak on Duolingo. I didn’t actually post this on my Instagram yet, so this is my accountability check. (Note: I started on 1/2/2020, so it’ll be 30, not the full 31 days.)

Complete two (2) Google Courses. My knowledge of GA is from experience and self-learning, I have a lot more that I want to learn.

Small, attainable, imperative! One of which I can check off already, feels good…

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