• Monique Thompson

Updated Introduction: Who is MT-MRKTR

At least, who am I to you, right now.

In September 2019, I was let go of my job as Digital Marketing Specialist at Laundrylux. This is hardly news, as it's January 2020, I've been applying for jobs and working on my skills. So why am I talking about it publicly, and why now?

There’s a stigma around unemployment, layoffs, firings and the like. Seeing as this isn’t an uncommon occurrence, I don’t think there should be such a stigma. Being unemployed is personal, so it's easily taboo. Like other personal but taboo things (salaries, mental health, general health, etc.), there should be an open conversation. And what is LinkedIn if not a place to have open communication about employment? I intend to write more about this topic in the future.

So, here I am, openly stating –

My name is Monique Thompson, I’m a marketing specialist with 6-years of experience with print, digital, event and experiential marketing, and I want to work for you. I'm passionate about civil rights, different culture(s), travel, food and art. If money weren't a concern and I could do anything, I would be a food & travel blogger. So in the meantime, I'd love to work for a company that either values these things professionally or their team does personally.

One of my January 2020 goals (not resolutions, blog on this coming up...) is to do more to better my skills. For example, I'm working on certification for some key marketing programs. I'm also working on my Spanish, porque necesito mejorar mi español para más oportunidades (which I translated using google, let's be real).

More immediately, head over to my Food Instagram, @feedmedmv, for current examples of my personal/professional Instagram management. That's getting a 2020 update as well.

I look forward to using my platform to speak more on my passions and hope some of you stick around for the ride.