• Monique Thompson

Social Media Campaign: How to Start a Laundromat

A project that started as a way to drive traffic is now turning into the company's first e-book.

One of the top search terms for people interested in a laundromat is "how to start a laundromat", our site wasn't showing up. So in an effort to help our SEO organically, we started a long-form series called "How to Start a Laundromat", which I spearheaded along with Women in Laundry. 

How to Start a Laundromat is a digital campaign consisting of long-form blog posts that will end as a downloadable e-book. The blog posts are promoted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Along with boosting our SEO, the goal was to have multiple downloadable files we could use in the future to offer as a lead generating tool.  My participation in the series is the following:

  • Brainstorming topics with freelance writer

  • Proofreading and editing blog posts

  • Content creation around blog posts

  • Social Media planning month-to-month surrounding blog posts

The campaign brought the following results:

  • Over 1k engagements

  • 18% Engagement Rate

  • Increase Follower Count by 34% (across all platforms - based on paid ads)

Here are the blog posts to date, written by a freelance writer and edited by myself.

How to Start a Laundromat.

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