• Monique Thompson

Brand Launch: LNUSA

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

In June 2018 as Digital Marketing Specialist, I was tasked with launching the company's new brand, Laundry Nation USA.

The plan laid out was simple: take this niche brand and build awareness to a market that we already knew - the commercial laundry industry and new investors. While also giving full attention to and building on two other brands' social media.

Simple, easy, right? It was a bit complicated. But nonetheless, this launch happened and we saw growth in the first three months (on month four as of this publish date).

Since the launch of the brand, in line with our KPI goals, we have achieved:

  • +425 Facebook Followers

  • +100 Instagram Follower

  • 6.3% Engagement Rate (across platforms)

  • 9% traffic to the website

Here are some examples of content I created for the brand (The images here were created while employed by Laundrylux, I do not own these images):