Digital Marketing Professional


Monique Thompson, here. I'm a born and raised New Yorker, recently relocated to the DMV.

Read all about me here.

So, what are you doing here? Maybe you're looking to reach out and approach me for work.

If so, my resume can be found here.

Maybe you want a deeper look at who I am that you won't find on my LinkedIn.

Give me a call! My number is on my LinkedIn. 

Maybe you're wondering, why would I hire this woman for my non-profit or media company when she's only got experience in niche industries like laundry and roofing?


I'm applying to a company like yours because it's where I want to end up - where I've been only partially reflects that. Again, give me a call, I promise it's worth it.​

I hope I've answered the bulk of your questions here.

If not, feel free to contact me directly on LinkedIn, happy to answer any of your questions.