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About Me

Hi! I'm Monique.

I'm a born and raised New Yorker, relocated to Alexandria, VA in 2018/2019.


People tend to ask me why I left New York. I have a few reasons, but the main one is something a lot of people have figured out - it's not all it's cracked up to be. Now, turn on classic New York songs and will I break into a terrible Harlem Shake? 100%. Then again,

like so many of us, I'm proud of where I'm from, but I'm over it.

What to do here, in Northern VA/DC? Non-profits, politics, agencies that work with them. I'm interested in working for companies and organizations making a difference, or agencies who work with those companies and organizations who are making a difference. 

This was about me, personally. Scroll below to see more about me professionally.


Work Experience

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Currently while on the job hunt, I am doing more to enrich my knowledge and skills in the marketing industry. My knowledge of Google Analytics is mostly self-taught, so I am in the process of certification. I am also honing my writing skills with a course from Udemy, practicing reading, writing and speaking Spanish more frequently (puedo hablar un poco, pero necesita mucho practicar).

Now living in Northern Virginia, so close to the capital, activism and working with non-profits is also on my list while I have this "down time". Though, I hope to turn my passions I work on in this time into the career in marketing that I aspire towards.

January 2018 - September 2019


Digital Marketing Specialist

As the Digital Marketing Specialist, I kept a lot of the Marketing Coordinator roles while managing the social and digital projects for the company.

Some tasks include:

  • Planning and launching two brands on social media

  • Managing twelve social channels using CoSchedule

  • Creating compelling campaigns to drive traffic to the website

  • Using Google Analytics and Organic Social Analytics tools to measure the success of campaigns

  • Using Mailchimp to send company announcements and press releases

  • Analyzing results of email campaigns to better improve them

This role came to an end in the Fall of 2019 due to a change in Laundrylux Marketing. The entire department was dissolved, resulting in my unfortunate lay off. This role was truly where I honed my social media and community management skills. As well as truly understanding analytics and what those results mean to a company. While the ending was unfortunate, I can say my four years at Laundrylux were incredibly valuable.

2015 - 2018


Marketing Coordinator

My role as a Marketing Coordinator was rooted much more in event planning, inventory fulfillment, and administrative tasks. These are the main points of interest, keeping in mind that as Digital Marketing Specialist, these tasks remain:

  • Planning events both across the country and abroad​​, involving email campaigns, building vendor relationships and on-site management

  • Asset management of marketing materials such as banners, brochures, promotional items and more.

  • Administrative duties include having invoices paid on time, filing credit card receipts with the account department, booking cars and occasionally flights.


Major League Soccer

Social Media Intern

Primary responsibilities include, working with social media team to create and schedule posts (across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr), creating content for said posts, project management, data collection and social analytic reading. Content creation includes basic photo editing and .gif making. Analytic skills used include Simply Measured and Google Analytics. Assisted in the launch the league's Tumblr account to reach an untapped audience of creators in our millennial and teen demographic. 

I left this role via termination, unfortunately. Professionally, I learned more about managing social media and community management (you know how much flack US soccer gets? During the Wolrd Cup?). I work to be honest about my termination because personally, I learned how to manage and really handle my work-life balance.


GMR Marketing 

Client Management Intern

Fresh out of college, I moved to Charlotte, NC to intern at GMR Marketing. I assisted in the management of 42 College Brand Ambassadors, for the same BA program I did my senior year with HBO. Along with helping manage the students, I handled the asset management of the devices and giveaways we gave the students. The students would post about HBO on campus online and I would collect and report analytics of how their posts did. When it came time for the students to come to Charlotte for training, I assisted in planning the event - from the manual they followed, their flights, hotels and meals, I assisted in the every aspect of the training weekend.

I left this role to move back to New York. In hindsight, GMR Marketing gave me a start part of me wishes I stuck with. In this role I learned more about management and working on a team as an intern than I have in more recent roles.



2009 - 2013

SUNY, Binghamton University

B.A. English Literature


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